R&H Rail’s Signalling and Telecoms Department strives to provide optimal train control solutions that not only meet operational and logistic requirements, but also comply with country-specific train operating philosophies, rules and specifications. Our specialised team provides appropriate solutions covering a wide variety of technologies. These range from dark territory train control systems to the latest communication-based train authorisation system solutions.

Our Signalling Rail Infrastructure Services extend from concept studies through feasibility phases to implementation design, project management, close-out and training. These services include:

  • Analysis of existing train control and operating systems
  • Signalling asset condition assessments and reports
  • Feasibility analyses and costing
  • Operational incident investigations and route cause analyses
  • Signalling failure investigations and analyses
  • Procurement processes and tendering
  • System and project specifications including BOQ
  • Construction & Maintenance management
  • Checking and approval of detail signalling drawings
  • Testing and commissioning of signalling systems

Telecommunication forms the backbone of any train control system and is therefore an integral part of signalling solutions. The services offered are similar to the ones mentioned for signalling but additionally include:

  • Technology solutions and suitable migration paths
  • Network optimisation strategies
  • High site condition assessment
  • Telecommunication system evaluation

Solutions for the above mentioned items are based on the latest telecommunication technologies, including:

  • Fibre optic and microwave based backhaul systems
  • Digital and analogue voice and data radio network systems
  • Radio based voice communication in shunting yards
  • Voice and data communication systems in locomotives
  • SCADA systems
  • End-of-Train (EoT) devices
  • Satellite based voice and data communication systems
  • GPS based tracking systems


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