The scope of Rail Operations Services extends from railway traffic studies through to train design, standard operating procedure development, train and locomotive scheduling, crew roster planning, rolling stock procurement, service implementation, regulatory compliance and rolling stock maintenance. This covers:

  • Analysis of current or projected tonnages and passenger traffic volume characteristics
  • Measurement and analysis of routes
  • Designing rail system capacity to satisfy demand, route constraints and budget
  • Train section performance simulations
  • Multiple train service interaction and power demand simulations
  • Designing / sourcing suitable locomotives and wagons
  • Designing train, staff, locomotive, wagon deployment and support logistic flows
  • Deriving operating staff requirements coupled to train working rules
  • Deriving operating rules, maintenance procedures and staff training requirements
  • Defining optimised train handling methods to maximise reliability and operating efficiency
  • Producing operations readiness designs as part of project implementation plans
  • Conducting train commissioning tests and verifying performance against designs
  • Auditing train performance and rolling stock maintenance
  • Producing trains working time tables and diagrams, operating procedures and safety instructions
  • Audits, applications and review for Safety Permits to RSR (Act 16 of 2002)
  • Derailment / train incident investigation
  • Expert technical witness advice in legal proceedings


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