Function as Project Manager (PM), for the Singapore Local Transport Authority’s (LTA) Ulu Pandan Depot Expansion Project. The scope as PM was to provide Advance Engineering (A/E) Consultancy services of Feasible Study, Concept and Preliminary Design Stages and Tender Documentation and Evaluation stages up to award of the Design & Build Civil Contract, for the Ulu Pandan Depot Expansion Project.


The proposed expansion of Ulu Pandan Depot (UPD) is to provide additional train stabling and maintenance for the depot serving the North South Line (NSL) and East West Line (EWL).

The Project entails, as a major component, the design of a new at-grade depot with stabling tracks for at least 94 trains and a workshop with 8 tracks for vehicle maintenance to integrate with the existing depot and the related additions and alterations works to the existing depot.  It also includes the design of a multi-storey bus depot housing 600 buses with its parking, inspection, maintenance facilities and administration buildings and the new foreign workers’ dormitory (FWD) providing accommodation for 450 persons supporting the foreign manpower required for the new bus depot.


R&H Rail as the Project Manager sub-consultant to TY-LIN undertook the following scope of work:

  • New at-grade and elevated depot, associated ancillary buildings and related facilities
  • Additions and alteration work to the existing Ulu Pandan depot (UPD), including architectural works, C&S works, M&E services and Building Services
  • Proposed new foreign workers’ dormitory (FWD) to support the foreign manpower required for the new bus depot
  • Proposed new multi-storey bus depot to be integrated with the new rail depot
  • New reception tracks and proposed structures to directly launch trains into the North South Line (NSL)
  • Track alignment design of extension to existing depot with stabling tracks and workshop tracks including the future reception tracks
  • Feasibility study of the proposed co-location of NEA regional office and Heavy Vehicle Parking (HVP) within the site boundary
  • Feasibility study of providing stabling tracks for a total of at least 94 trains