The Tshwane Freight Terminal and Logistics Hub development is planned to be a major road-rail freight terminal and logistics inland port in Northern Tshwane, ideally suited in the Pyramid area, to facilitate cargo consolidation, intermodal transfer and distribution within the logistics value-add environment.

The need is to develop a Greenfields intermodal freight village. The facility will integrate 3kV DC and 25kV AC freight rail, over-border traffic, urban intermodal handling, metro rail, the local aero-dome, regional road transport, as well as cater for on-site value-add services.


R&H Rail was appointed as lead consultant in a multi-disciplinary team to analyse freight flows, develop operational models, propose a master plan for the terminal, including value-add processing facilities, engineering, financial analysis, legal advice and environmental and township services.


The terminal, or Dry Port, is based on the concept of a seaport directly linked by rail and road to an inland intermodal terminal where shippers can deposit and/or collect their shipments as if in a seaport. The terminal provides services such as storage, consolidation, depot, maintenance of containers, and customs clearance, all within a customs-controlled area.

Project costs are estimated at approximately R1.2 billion (US$ 100million) total for all development phases, with project IRR in excess of 20%.

The ideal site was identified for the TFT Logistics Hub and development rights were secured with the current landowners. Project funding options are being pursued in order to continue to the next phase of development.