Design the OHTE, Signalling-, Telecommunication- and Condition Assessment Systems (CAS) portions of a second double line tunnel of 3.69km at Overvaal on the Coal Line.


The Detailed Design of the OHTE re-alignment on either side of the tunnel and new suspension and attachments inside the new tunnel.  Develop designs for the Signalling, Telecommunications and CAS systems.


R&H Rail provided solutions for the following technical areas:

  • Space-proofing (with tunnel designer)
  • Purpose designed, maintenance friendly OHTE tunnel attachments / fittings and OHTE layout in adjacent section
  • Alternative OHTE wires (Cu Mg Contact), Switching protocol versatility of OHTE circuits
  • Extend existing signalling system to include the new double tunnel and associated track
  • Spoorplan Mk 1b interlocking with CS90 remote control and VDU display
  • Extend GSM Train Radio coverage through the new tunnel
  • Re-design / modify Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) back bone to include services for new tunnel
  • Additional / enhanced Condition Assessment Systems for the protection of the new tunnel