Pre-feasibility Study to upgrade the TFR ore line to 82.5 Mtpa export capacity. R&H was appointed as sub-consultant to investigate the export of the iron ore, and the addition of general freight and manganese tonnages to the corridor.


The work included a costing study, the rail operations’ service design, OHTE review and design, signalling and telecoms review and design, development of a maintenance strategy, a train crewing strategy, and adjusted GFB strategy to optimize general freight traffic on the Ore Line and a rolling stock deployment strategy.


At the time the line principally carried iron ore with small amounts of general freight such as heavy sand, gypsum, lead and copper concentrates originating from mines in the Northern Cape to the export harbour of Saldanha Bay.

Upgrades to the corridor had been made (Phases 1A, 1B and 1C) which allowed for the introduction of trains comprising 342 wagons and an annual throughput of 60 Mtpa. The aim of the project was to increase iron ore throughput to 82.5 Mtpa.  It constituted three further modifications: the early installation and commissioning of Tippler 3 (Phase 1D), other rail, terminal and marine works associated with the expansion of the iron ore export corridor (Phase 2), and the establishment of a New Entrant Miners Facility.