To develop the Nacala Railway Corridor Project for the transportation of approximately 18 million tons of coal from the expansion of Moatize Mine (Mozambique) to Nacala. The railway system connects the existing mine in Moatize, via Malawi, to a new coal terminal in Nacala a Velha (Mozambique). The project was funded by Vale, and forms the backbone of a world-class transport corridor for Mozambique’s Tete Province, as well as onward to Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).


R&H Rail’s services provided during the project life cycle included the detail railway studies (FEL 3), detailed design (FEL 4) and construction support during the construction phase on the railway line and its associated infrastructure.


Apart from providing an export conduit for the client, the rail corridor has direct- and indirect social benefits to the larger community in terms of job creation, improved mobility (passenger train services) and the economic stimulus of the region.