Feasibility design of new 200km commuter line in the Nkangala District (North of Pretoria), for the Mpumalanga Provincial Government.


The project centered around a commuter-based rail system primarily for the purpose of providing a link for approximately 40 000 commuters in the Nkangala District with employment opportunities in the Tshwane Metropolitan Area. R&H Rail was appointed as the railway engineers as part of a consortium, comprising economists, environmental specialists, road and transport engineers and city planners.

R&H Rail’s scope included design of the following sub-components:

  • Rail-related earthworks
  • Platelaying
  • Station linkages
  • Structures such as bridges and tunnels
  • Overhead track equipment (OHTE)
  • Signalling and telecommunications
  • Rolling stock
  • Maintenance facilities and procedures
  • Staging areas

The line comprises of approximately 200km double line with 20 stations. It is envisaged that approximately 22 trainsets, preferably at relatively high speed will operate on the line with the latest available technology such as ATP and load weighing. Both Cape gauge (1067mm) and Standard gauge (1435mm) track technologies were investigated.

The feasibility design had bankable standards with an associated implementation plan, according to National Treasury Guidelines.