R&H Rail is the appointed contractor’s designer for the 4 parts associated with the new 67km Eskom private siding line that links the Transnet Coal Mainline with the existing Majuba Power Station’s yard.

Part 1:
Overhead Track Equipment (OHTE)
  • 3kV DC spring tensioned – fixed cantilever type
  • 25kV AC auto tensioned – swing cantilever type on concrete masts
  • Provision for dual voltage locomotives with a new “On the Fly” Voltage Separation system between the DC and AC networks
  • 11kV transmission line
Part 2:
Traction Substations and Signal Power Supply Substation
  • 2x single unit and 2x double unit 88kV/25kV single phase traction substations
  • 88kV AC/3kV DC traction substation
  • 88kV / 11kV Signal Power Supplies distribution substation
Part 3:
88kV Switching Stations
  • 88kV transmission line switching stations in association with Thabile Engineering
Part 4:
Train Control Equipment

Functional design and subcontractor’s detailed review of:

  • Signalling
  • Telecommunications and Optic Fibre
  • Condition Assessment Systems (CAS)
  • Relay and Apparatus Rooms