Conceptually develop a series of viable terminal layouts which would optimally facilitate logistics to and from the Limpopo Eco-Industrial Park (LEIP) near Musina. The LEIP development aims to become the world’s first zero solid-waste eco-industrial park. The LEIP will provide facilities and services to house various heavy industrial plants as well as associated side and downstream related industrial businesses.


The purpose of the study was to develop a series of conceptual layouts of an intermodal terminal (dry port) which will optimally facilitate logistics to and from the LEIP. This includes consideration of technical aspects such as potential throughput, client preferences, world’s best practice in terms of train and materials handling, optimised terminal operating principles, incremental implementation strategies, inclusive of support facilities and services.


The study developed concept-level user requirement criteria for an intermodal terminal, operational designs to support the LEIP’s logistics, and suitable concept layouts of terminal infrastructure. The preferred design incorporated facilities such as:

  • Container and Break-Bulk Terminal
  • Liquid (Wet Goods) Terminal
  • Rail-Runner and Automotive Terminal
  • Warehousing and Warehousing and Distribution Complex
  • Rail and Road Access
  • Customs and Excise Offices