To provide professional services for the maintenance management of the Khumani Iron Ore export and the Inland private sidings, this has been on an ongoing basis since 2008. The sidings are electrified at 50kV AC and 3kV DC respectively, situated in the Northern Cape, near Kathu.


The sidings electrified at 50kV AC and 3kV DC respectively are situated in the Northern Cape, near Kathu.

The sidings consist of approximately 24 km of track and 27 turnouts. Rails are 60 kg/m continuously welded tied to concrete sleepers spaced at 650 mm supported on a ballast bed spread at 1600 m3/km. The track is classified as an S line and is electrified. There is also 11km of track at the stacker reclaimers that consists of 60 kg/m rails tied to steel chairs supported on a concrete slab.


R&H has since inception of the sidings been appointed to perform asset maintenance management and rehabilitation of the rail and electrical infrastructure in the sidings, including driving the 3-year strategies to maintain the infrastructure, the material replacement and reinstatement plans.

The other deliverables on this project is for R&H to assist Assmang, Khumani in the procurement of the Contractors to perform the maintenance of the sidings, to manage these contractors, plan the workload for the contractor and ensure the quality of work.