Conduct a concept rail transport study to assess the scope and cost of building a railway spur line from the Kamoa – Kakula mine to the main railway line near Kolwezi, for Ivanhoe Mines.


R&H was appointed as the study consultant responsible for the Modal Choice Analysis and Concept Rail Design which included the following:

  • Data Collection
  • Supply chain study
  • Road / Rail Freight Solution
  • Operational Design
  • Engineering Design
  • Concept Design Deliverables

This involved analysing the potential supply chains that would provide the necessary service levels for the exports and choosing the most effective supply chains to be costed and compared.


R&H prepared conceptual rail transport solutions from the mine to the preferred locations.

The solution of the rail transport service design entailed the following.

  • The optimum train configuration required for the transport of the product
  • Applicable axle loads on the SNCC network from the mine to the border stations
  • The frequency and number of trips required
  • The optimum fleet size based on the average turnaround time to the various destinations.
  • Determine and assess the spatial requirements for the rail siding and exchange yard at the mine
  • Determine the type of material handling equipment required for loading the rail wagons
  • Assessment of the most viable loading and offloading methods of rail wagons

The solution of the rail design entailed the following:

  • Identification of rail siding route options;
  • Identification of rail exchange yard location options
  • Analysis of identified siding route and exchange yard options
  • Selection of feasible siding route and exchange yard options
  • Concept design of selected feasible options