To increase rail exports to beyond 6Mtpa as well as to comply with the expanded rail service requirement (200 wagon trains) proposed by Transnet Freight Rail.


Conduct an FEL3 level study to design the remodeling of the existing rail yard to meet the longer train length and improve rail operations to allow for the expanded export volumes flowing through to the FEL 4 Stage of construction implementation.

  • Compete detailed operational plan including migration from current to future
  • Design yard modifications to complement the operational plan
    • Undertake the detailed engineering services (Civil & Perway, OHTE & Lighting, Train Control)
    • Prepare the technical specifications for the work
    • Schedule and quantify the work
    • Prepare stage working drawings detailing the proposed construction sequencing
  • Prepare documentation to allow contractor engagement to obtain pricing to suitable accuracy levels
  • Monitor and commission construction works for Civil & Perway and Lighting (OHTE kept in abeyance until mainline is electrified)
  • Closeout final design and construction works