Signalling and telecommunications

R&H Rail offers a specialised signalling and telecommunications service to the railway sector, which includes:

  • Feasibility and design using best-fit signalling technologies and standard practices, including related sub-systems such as interlocking track vacancy detection, remote control and train condition monitoring system
  • Incorporation of cutting edge solutions in the field of telecommunications ‘backhaul’ infrastructure, Scada and Telemetry systems, locomotive communication modules, rail-bound telecommunications equipment, satellite systems and wireless voice & data communication
  • Planning and design of telecommunications networks, including coverage predictions and microwave network planning
  • Conduction of reliability studies on existing signalling and train systems
  • Modernisation proposals and upgrade implementation
  • Signalling and telecommunications maintenance planning and procedures

  • Input to the development of operating and train control procedures and rules

  • Derivation of operating and technical (signalling and telecommunication) staff requirements
  • Staffing and staff training (technical and operational)

  • Compilation of functional specifications and performance requirements

  • Procurement of design and construct tenders
  • Verification and approval of design solutions

  • Contract administration and project management

  • Testing and commissioning of signalling and telecommunications