Currently, R&H Rail manages 715 km of rail private sidings. Collectively these impressively carry more than 60 million gross tonnes per annum. The involvement of R&H Rail varies from routine quarterly rail safety inspections to fulltime maintenance management of the rail infrastructure. This includes:

  • Assessing and reviewing conditions
  • Procuring and managing resources required to maintain the rail infrastructure
  • Liaising, on behalf of the client, with Transnet and the RSR

In order to deliver a valued professional service to siding owners, R&H Rail offers a structured approach for the management of the maintenance of rail sidings. This is a brief summary of that structured approach:

Assess / inspect conditions

  • Compile asset register
  • Identify safety and operating requirements
  • Determine workload
  • Prepare risk profile
  • Develop maintenance plan

  • Compile budget

Acquire resources (procurement) and inspect periodically
Periodic inspections

  • Manage assets

  • Conduct safety inspections

  • Determine workload

Respond to emergency callouts

  • Investigate rail accidents

  • Provide assistance during derailments/breakdowns

Liaise with authorities

Manage contracts

Provide feedback to client

Conduct engineering investigations and design

Other services:

  • Overhead track equipment

  • Signals

  • Optimisation of train service design and operation

Rail safety management

  • Informing the RSR of new line construction and alterations, and applying for construction permits, testing and commissioning permits and safety permits

  • Performing safety management system audits

  • Performing risk assessments

  • Compiling and submitting RSR quarterly and annual reports