Client Requirement

Development of Transnet’s 30-year strategic Long-term Planning Framework (LTPF) for the periods 2013 – 2016 of the entire South African freight rail network.

Project Scope
  • Rail core network capacity analysis including hubs and terminals
  • Determination of the type, timing, cost and effects of planned interventions on network capacity to ensure adequate capacity ahead of demand
  • Calculation of network and system performance indexes based on recorded failure data
  • High-level review of existing and proposed rail-in-port provisions (current, short, medium and long-term)
  • Determination of rolling stock fleet requirements over time (unconstrained fleet plan)
  • Gap analysis between existing Transnet Freight Rail rolling stock fleet plan and the obtained unconstrained fleet plan
  • Determination of the quantum and timing of required investments to ensure adequate network capacity ahead of demand
  • Update of existing rail infrastructure GIS database
  • Creation of a GIS database of core network horizontal and vertical track geometry

An analysis model was developed to determine the installed rail network capacity based on corridor-level train operating models. The projected future demand profile was overlaid to yield network capacity utilisation. This comparison of the capacity and the projected demand highlighted when and where capacity will be exceeded on various sections of the network over time. Using this tool proposed interventions were tested for their efficacy and and timing.

The rolling stock fleet requirements were similarly modelled; historic performance levels were replaced by improvements related to network and technology interventions, and timed according to demand requirements. Plans for re-deployment, retirement and renewal were integrated and tested.