To provide professional services for the maintenance management of RBCT private siding, stockyard, tipplers and ship loader track work, on an ongoing basis since 2004.


The siding is made up of 70 kilometres of rail track, with other tracks in the ship loader area and in the stockyard.

The breakdown of the infrastructure being maintained is as follows:

  • 160 turnouts of various rail type, angle and on wooden or concrete sleepers
  • 95 km of track kilometres of different sizes
  • 542 block joints
  • 23 single rail in Stock Yard and Ship Loader
  • 5 tandem tipplers

R&H Rail has been appointed to have a representative fulltime on site to perform asset maintenance management and rehabilitation of the rail infrastructure in the siding, this in putting together the five-year maintenance strategy, the material replacement plan, the allocation of resources and assisting in growth planning and managing on-track machines.

The other deliverable on this project is for R&H to assist RBCT in the procurement of the contractor to perform the maintenance of the siding, to manage the contractor, plan the workload for the contractor and ensure the quality of work.